Let me know

25 Aug

I’m very keen that this blog includes your views and experiences too. There are two areas I want to look at and I’d like your help.


I’m a bit geeky, (I’m in a deep and meaningful relationship with my iphone) so what technology are you using for diet, exercise and fitness, there are thousands of applications and websites out there now, I’d like to include some with real experiences.


Men and women are very different in the way they think and deal with weight loss and exercise, what I’m finding from some of the research I am doing is that the support for men seems a bit sporadic and in a lot of cases is lumped in with that for women.  If you are a bloke (or a woman with an opinion, I’m fully inclusive here!) let me know what your experience has been, what would make it easier for you?

Contact me and let me know!

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