The Head Stuff

28 Aug

Next week, I thought I might start to look at the head stuff, there are several things that have happened through the whole process which have really needed careful thought and in come cases planning and support.  Some of them I knew all along I would have to deal with, others I hadn’t even thought about!

  • How I could lose the weight in the first place, how could I take control of food?  I knew firmly it was in control of me!
  • When I’d lost some weight, I didn’t really recognise the girl in the mirror, I had a close, very closed relationship with the old me, it was hard to let go and get to know the new me.
  • I had to learn to love my new body, it doesn’t look ‘perfect’, there are things that have happened due to the years of being big and won’t get that much better no matter how much work I do, it’s been difficult at times to accept that.
  • Working out how I needed to be supported, I am quite an insular person, so asking for help, taking compliments etc needed to be learnt, it didn’t just happen.
  • Being brutally honest with myself, I had after all spent years perfecting the art of not being!
  • And finally keeping it off, working out the best way to do this, there is a LOT of head stuff involved.  You need to look at why you got big, why you eat the way you did, there will always be something that is significant.  For the boys, a special note, I have heard lots of blokes say that there isn’t any head stuff, that it’s all rubbish, it’s just that they have no willpower or are just lazy, think again if you’re serious about this, you will need to look at it on some level if you are going to succeed.  I can help with that.

So, have a think, do any of the things that concerned me, bother you, are you ready to start questioning yourself, being honest and to make changes, however difficult it might be?

I hope so, it’ll be a pleasure then to share!   And for me, the best therapy is about sharing, if I share my story with you, I can’t exactly go back can I?   You’re all watching!

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