Team Trudy

6 Sep

I used to be very self-sufficient, ok maybe insular would be a better word, I thought it was independence, it wasn’t really, I thought it was just easier to cope that way.

What I have realised is that today I have a wide circle of people who help me be the person I am now, it’s becoming quite a big team!

I have discovered a respect for my body and my head – more to come on that too, so there are:

  • My lovely beauty therapists – I now love a great massage and they deal with other little issues for me giving me a lot more body confidence.
  • My hairdresser – I have no intention of finding out what my natural hair colour is!
  • My life coach – I’ll tell you more about this later, she’s become an important part of the very recent process.
  • My pilates instructors!
  • My personal trainer.

I also have a whole load of friends, some now perform some specific roles because they are very good at it and some are just all round wonderful people:

  • The fitness friends, the ones who go swimming with me, who I discuss diet, fit things, exercise, bodies and food with!
  • The ones who provide emotional support, they are there when I need them, when I ask for help, they ask me for help, we talk and they tell me off and pull me back when I go off on one and lose focus!
  • The ones who let me into their lives and let me also be part of their children’s lives, that is very, very special to me.
  • The ones who I laugh uncontrollably with.
  • The new ones I have met through all the brand-new experiences I’ve had as a result of shrinking!
  • The ones who have come back into my life and are now part of my new life.
  • The ones who have supported and encouraged me to write this blog and believe in me.
  • The ones who have eaten my cake!
  • And the ones who have stuck with me through everything unconditionally.


  • My family – there are a lot of them across 4 generations!  They are very precious to me.

I know that I need people around me now, for a long time I didn’t understand that joy. I do though need to know that they care, I’m more vocal about that now, I have had a few people who took advantage of me when I was down in the past, they wanted my emotional energy and gave me nothing in return, making the situation far worse.

That won’t happen again, friendship should be a two-way relationship and I need and enjoy that so much. There are those where my friendship is unconditional, I just hope they know I am there for me if they need me.

I am so grateful for all the people in Team Trudy. I hope I can be as good a friend and support to them as they have been to me!

So my thought for you is to surround yourself with special people who understand what you are tying to do, who can support you, love you and be there for you when you need them.  Be accepting to new and old friends and perhaps for some to go by the wayside, as you grow, not everyone will with you for various reasons.  Some relationships come for specific reasons and times in your life, it’s not a bad thing, it just happens. Look for people who make you feel good about yourself, professionals, like-minded people, and importantly those who will help you enjoy your new life!

And all of them make me smile – a lot!


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