The Rough and the Smooth

8 Sep

One thing I learnt early on was that there were going to be good days and bad days through this process.

The good days are amazing, you feel motivated, fabulous, full of energy and you know you’re on the right path and look great. The bad days, well those are the ones where you do fall off the wagon, maybe not big time, often it’s something out of your control – a really bad day at work, or girls, just because we’re girls! And of course there are going to be times when you just don’t feel motivated!

What I did though was accepted that this was going to happen, we are only human and a whole host of things could come along and scupper the best laid plans.

I was in an interview once and the guy conducting it said that just down to complexity of some of the projects the company worked on, errors would occur, I replied that that was fine, the objective couldn’t reasonably then be to ‘get it right first time’, rather on how the errors were managed and rectified.  I got the job and yes within a week, we were putting right an error, we knew what to do, and how to make sure it didn’t affect the project and everything was delivered on time and budget.

I learnt that it’s how you deal with situations and the same is true in managing my new life. So now I am in control of food, a few days of not being as good isn’t going to end the world, I can pull it back. If I don’t do quite as much exercise it is manageable.  It doesn’t de-motivate or push me off course. I look back to the things I have written about how I felt I was big, that is always enough to bring me back on plan.I know there are going to be bad days, so when they do arrive, it’s not a surprise.

Now it’s been almost a year of ‘maintaining’ my weight, it also doesn’t even feel like a plan anymore, it is a way of life for me now, it feels normal so the control is better.

And importantly I don’t give myself a hard time when I do have a bad day – after all the good days still far outweigh the bad ones and I am still smiling!

The photo is of italian ice-cream, delicious, often a little bit of what you fancy does you good!


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