At your Age?

27 Sep

So I’m back from my trip, loads to Italy, loads to tell you about and I’ve been busy writing while I’ve been away. There is also going to be a new blog about my experiences over the summer so watch this space!

The one thing that has really inspired me on all my trips are the women of all ages who are keeping active and the difference that it makes to their lives, they have ranged from 30 to over 70 and are all loving it!

Many of them have had limitations, either because of injuries or just age – but nothing stops them from keeping going and they all look great because of it.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is the aging process, it can’t be stopped, it does present challenges but it also brings with it opportunities, as I now lurch into my mid forties, I am more confident about my body than I have ever been before.  I spent my teens struggling with being too thin, too flat chested, all the normal angst I guess. My twenties of course brought illness  and massive weight gain, my thirties, well I think I have well documented what happened  then! So my forties are proving to be a very positive experience.

And when I look at these wonderful women who are older than me I am filled with optimism and joy about future of my body and fitness, not in any way dreading it. Yes there are big changes to come but I am hoping that if I can maintain my health and fitness that I can see it through in a more controlled and continue to have a good relationship with my body.

My body will change with age, it’s not going to stay the same but I now know how good being fit and healthy can make me feel and the amount of confidence that has brought me.

Ladies – I thank you and I hope to be swimming topless in the pool when I’m 60+!

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