Let’s talk cleavage

15 Oct

I guess this post is aimed at us girls however there are some messages within it which do apply to the guys too!

I’m inspired to write this following seeing a lovely picture of a friend on holiday, she has a great cleavage.  When I was in my teens, I was flat chested,  I remember staring in awe at the girls at school who had more than me but knew that the skinny me would probably never have anything to speak off.  There were of course advantages,  I did go bra-less a lot, often to my father’s disbelief, but it did make shopping for clothes tricky as there was nothing to fill a top out?

As I got bigger in my 20s, I did get boobs and in fact at my biggest I’d got up to a M&S 40D. It was getting more difficult however as it was becoming clear that my chest measurement was getting bigger. And of course despite having boobs now, they were well and truly disguised under my black cloak of clothes.

Getting smaller raised a question, would they disappear?  As my confidence grew and my clothes got more fitting my cleavage was going on show just a bit, I was amazed, I now looked like the girls I’d envied when I was 18!   I was rather enjoying them now and didn’t want this bit to go, although I was enjoying them privately, a glimpse was going public but not much more!

A year ago I decided it was time to give them some help, they deserved some respect and there was a bit of sagging going on despite the purchase of some smaller bras from our trusty M&S.  I was in London and for a change decided to Debenhams, mainly I think because I got a discount, they had a sale on and I had a thought in my head that I’d quite like some pretty non-functional versions!

I had a look around but soon realised that I needed to be properly measured,  the bra -fitter asked me to take off my top, she looked at my M&S bra (which had been recommended after a fitting a few months earlier), tutted, got out her tape measure and then disappeared.

She returned with a whole pile of bras,  I asked what size they were, she smiled and then put me in one.  By ‘put me in’, I actually mean that, she took my boobs and placed them into the bra,  moving them around into position, yes stunned does come to mind but she explained that part of the problem with a bra not fitting properly is that we don’t know how to wear them correctly.  The wire needs to fit under the breast tissue for example and if you are a bit bigger or like me having lost weight, you will get that bulge of flesh under your arms, however that actually means it fits?  It was all news to me!

After the final bit of positioning had been achieved, I looked in the mirror and the effect was stunning, my boobs had moved up a couple of inches, and well the cleavage was amazing!  The final bit of the fitting process was to put my top back on, now this is the really interesting bit, my top was now too big, I’d lost a good dress size on my top half thanks to a great fitting bra.

Now for the size, remember I was wearing a 38D,  well the new one was a 34F. I almost fell over. Firstly because of the difference in size and secondly because an F meant – well real boobs, impressive ones!

I discussed with the lovely lady, (who of course I was now in love with and the man-handling of my boobs was now forgotten and forgiven),  if as I got even smaller would I get lose my boobs, she said no, I wouldn’t lose much breast tissue however I would lose the fat which had been supporting them, so good support would become increasingly important.

I got a bit over excited at this stage and also bought a couple of ‘push-up’ bras, I was after anything that made my cleavage look even better – ok and bigger!

I walked out onto Oxford Street with my head held high and my cleavage firmly on display!

Since then the new bras (and knickers, I will post about those later!) have opened up a new world, I totally changed the clothes I’ve bought, I love a ‘V’ neckline now and two of the dresses I bought this week show my cleavage beautifully and probably a lot more of it than I ever thought I would have the confidence to show.

I have a love and respect for my body now thanks to them, I only ever buy good bras now, and I take the compliments when they come.

I will now look after my boobs and appreciate my cleavage, I have friends and relations who have had breast cancer, I check them regularly and am so grateful.

So never under-estimate how important a good bra is, spend money on them, get fitted properly, this is vital if like me you’re over a ‘D’ cup, this needs specialist attention, if you’ve been going to the same retailer for a while, it may well be worth going somewhere else for a fitting, you might be surprised.  And I am a firm believer that good underwear can result in smaller clothes, it certainly results in better posture and more confidence!

My cleavage really represents my growing confidence, ironically I have something now that maybe I wouldn’t have had if I had stayed skinny. It is also making me feel more like a woman and that I should be proud of that.

The key messages are though that even when you lose a lot of weight not everything will get smaller and as we get older this becomes even more relevant, however there are a lot of things you can do to help.

And as you lose weight look for those trigger things that really boost your confidence. It’s different for everyone but there is always something, embrace it, yes that applies to the blokes too!

For us girls though, let’s celebrate our cleavages (with the best support money can buy)!


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