A sense of balance

23 Oct

One thing that has happened since I got smaller is a struggle with my balance.

It all makes sense really, I have lost a lot of me, everything has moved around, and my head has had to play a bit of catch-up.

Pilates has helped but there are still things that I have found quite tricky, initially coming down stairs felt very strange and now coming down a mountain is more difficult than I thought it would be.  I’m working at it, it’s the only way to re-set where my balance now sits.

Yesterday was another test – I went ice skating with my best friend and three nine-year old little girls. Now the last time I went I was very much bigger, it was Christmas at the Natural History Museum and I did enjoy it, however inside I was petrified, if I fell over would I be able to get back up?  I struggled getting up when I down anyway, without there being ice!  Luckily when I did, before I even knew it two burly stewards had deposited me back onto my feet.

So there I was on the ice again, there were no reasons not to skate, the knee surgeon said there would be no issues in giving it a go.  But it was weird, it took a few circuits of the rink to find where my balance was sitting and to gain the confidence that I wouldn’t fall. In fact I didn’t, and even when one of the girls did and I need to get her back onto her feet, I felt secure enough to squat down to help her and then be back up without even really thinking about it!

And the ice skating was fun and is another thing that I can now do without fear because I’m smaller!  It still makes me smile!

Often I just need to remind myself that it is all worth it and that now my world is full of opportunities I didn’t have before – as I’ve mentioned in other posts, that’s my motivation!

And the photograph – the rink in the Rockefeller Center in New York – one day I’ll be there!


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