27 Oct

I have pretty strong views about smoking. I don’t get it, I really don’t. I hate it when people blow smoke over me in the street, you can always tell a smoker by how their clothes smell, and yes ladies if you’ve smoked for years, you will age faster and your skin will be shot.

I understand about addictive personalities and yes for a long time I was addicted to food but I still find it hard to get why people smoke and always have. I find it very strange now to see the people from the gym who I see as fit, outside puffing away, what’s the point in getting fit if you’re filling your lungs with carbon?

Tobacco smoke in an Irish pub before a smoking...

Image via Wikipedia

The effect on yourself is proven, there is help to give up, my nephew at 23 is embarking on one of the NHS initiatives at the moment and I am very proud of him for taking some responsibility for his health.

I’d like people to take a bit of responsibility, I know it’s not easy, I’m not going to preach, after all it took me 16 years to get control over food and find the motivation and will power to change. However there was just me, I don’t have a partner or kids, if I did I am sure this would have had some impact.  If you do continue to smoke you are risking your health and your life and the people who love you will have to deal with that at some point?    Harsh but true?

Or what about the impact on those around you, I get really angry when I see people smoking near kids, there was a TV programme  recently which clearly showed a scientific connection between ear problems in kids and passive smoking. The adults didn’t even need to smoke around the kids, it was enough for the smoke to be on clothes etc for there to be a significant effect. So even if you smoke in the garden and you have contact with kids, you are risking their health especially if they are already susceptible? Surely that’s enough evidence to make you stop?

Ok I’m done. Had to be said.   There is help out there, give it a go, there isn’t really isn’t any excuse, and if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people in your life that you love and who love you.


The photo is of a pub before the smoking ban came in. We used to do a quiz every week in a pub, I hated the way my hair and clothes smelt when I got home even though no-one on our table was smoking, and I was angry that I was being made to passively smoke.

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