Leggings – good or bad?

29 Oct

I am old, I know this because I have lived through two periods of time when leggings were ‘in’.  The first time I was a size 8. luckily second time around I’m small enough to wear them.  I enjoy wearing them but they have raised certain questions for me especially as we head into winter!

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Should ‘anyone’ wear them?

I have come up after a considerable amount of time people watching with ‘The Legging Rules’.

I’m all up for freedom of dressing, it’s a bit like freedom of speech (ish???) but after having seen all shapes, sizes and ages in them, I think we could all do with some commonsense guidelines about when and how to wear them, as with most things, they aren’t for everyone.

So to avoid this:

Shape – this applies to you and your leggings!

  • Leg Shape – ideally straight, toned legs are my preference, in fact if your legs are too skinny then legging are as bad a choice as if you’re more rounded.
  • Material – too thin and every lump and bump will be on display, not a good look.  Beware very high amounts of man-made fibres, they search out all your bad-bits and cling to them, stick with a cotton lycra mix.
  • Colour & Patterns – stick with dark colours, anything lighter draws attention to any bumps and they do make your legs look bigger, and beware the patterned leggings, your bottom should never, ever be on show, for those old enough to remember, just think Rod Stewart?
  • Bottoms – If you have a ‘curvy’ bottom and thighs, make sure they’re covered……..you’ll look great if you balance with a longer length top, to draw attention away from your legs and bum.
  • Length – if you’re a bit curvy, beware ankle length leggings with shoes or ankle boots, it just doesn’t look right as the difference between your ankle and thigh is too extreme and the eye is drawn to the thighs, you can wear them with knee boots though as it does balance out, especially with a longer length top.
  • NEVER wear high heels no matter what your shape, I know the celebs do but even they don’t look quite right!

Are leggings the enemy of the girl wanting to lose weight and keep it off?

A friend said to me that leggings were her enemy because they stretched with her, disguising any weight gain. So how can you avoid falling into this trap and enjoy wearing them.

  • Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of only ever wearing leggings, wear your jeans so you get a better indication of your size?
  • Replace your leggings, they’re not expensive so when you’ve had them a few months buy new ones, the lyrca will be stiffer and you’ll be reminded if you have put on weight?
  • If you’re losing weight just in the same way that you’re buying other smaller clothes, buy smaller leggings too and ditch the bigger ones!

I love my leggings, I wear them to the gym, with boots in winter and under some lovely dresses I have for summer but I know when I was bigger they weren’t the right fashion choice and even now I am very careful how I wear them.  Of course they will go out of fashion again at some point!  It all falls into my thinking about wearing the best clothes for your shape, I hope even when I was bigger that I made considered decisions on the best things to wear that made the most of my shape.

If you feel and look good in what you’re wearing then you’ll keep motivated into losing and keeping off weight!


2 Responses to “Leggings – good or bad?”

  1. Kate October 31, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    I would like to add a rule.
    Only wear leggings for the size you actually are. Don’t go kidding yourself into a size 12 leggings if you are a size 16 jeans. The material will stretch, but you will look far worse from behind than you ever think you could!

  2. trudykelly November 4, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    Oh yes Kate – that’s a really good one! And if you are going to do that don’t wear white pants that then show through the over stretch! 😉

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