Well done Dawn!

6 Nov
Dawn French at the

Image via Wikipedia

Dawn French has always been one of those women I most admire.

When I was bigger I thought she was great, I even met her a couple of times through work. She also owns an online clothes store for larger ladies and I saved up once to buy a tunic, I also coveted a coat I saw her wearing, I thought she was a great supporter and role model for women like me.

Following her divorce and a realisation that her weight was leading to health problems she decided to lose weight. She’s done it in a controlled way too.  Her motivation has been that she didn’t want to miss her daughter’s life, she realised that her weight could jeopardise that.

She looks great after losing 4 stones and I really do hope that it makes her happy now when she looks in a mirror. I’m sure her motivators also now include how wonderful and young she looks!  She is positively glowing!

The photo is of Dawn a few years ago – if you want to see her now – click here.  It’s an amazing transformation!  She’s proved at 52 you can do it, and now I admire her even more!  Looks like she’s been on the same journey as me – pleased to see her wearing heels, I too am now wearing them and it feels very good, it’s hard to do it when you’re bigger!

It’s never too late and even if like Dawn and me you have a big amount of weight to lose it can be done, even without excessive exercise!   Go on give it a go – you could be smiling as much as Dawn and me!

One Response to “Well done Dawn!”

  1. Tickateeboo November 7, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    I know…I couldn’t believe it! I reckon she’s lost another stone since June as well looking at those pictures. Well done, Dawn…

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