Get the tape measure out!

10 Nov
A tape measure.

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As well as what the scales may be telling you, one of the important indicators of losing weight (and keeping it off) is what you measure.  I didn’t measure myself before I started which is something I do regret. However last summer before I started my gym work, I was measured, I was amazed at the results 3 months later, although I hadn’t lost more than a couple of pounds I lost centimetres off all my key measurements!  That’s what exercise can do – you tone and will change shape, you get fitter but you won’t necessarily lose weight.  I lost at least a dress size.

So if you’re thinking about starting out to lose some weight, get the tape measure out.  You want to measure the following.

  • Bust – around your rib cage and across the widest part of your bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Upper thigh
  • Calf
  • Upper Arm
  • Across the top of your back

and if you’re really interested measure your ankles, wrists, ring finger, and neck. One of the things that has found its way to the charity shop has been a lot of jewellery – from bracelets to rings, all now too big.

I am more proud of my measurements than I was really about my weight loss because it also shows the effect the exercise has had – I’ve toned and changed my body shape.  It was always one of those really key motivators and keeps me on the straight and narrow!  See if it could work for you, especially if you are planning a joint eating/exercise plan, you might find it more motivating!

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