Keeping it up!

13 Nov

A few people have asked me how I’ve managed to keep up the motivation to keep going with the exercise, well as I’ve mentioned before it’s two-fold.

1. I know what my life was like before and there is no going back – so keeping active (and that’s not just about ‘exercise’) is a vital part of that.

2. I love food, so exercise ensures that passion can continue!

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Keeping active though is now part of my life and I have a firm belief that it has to be that way for it to mean anything. I do around 4-5 sessions a week, in the pool, the gym, a good walk or one session might be having a really busy day of rushing around!   It’s all about being active!

So people, there is no way around it, if you want it to mean anything you do need to do it regularly, there is little or even no point in doing one big session every couple of weeks – to be harsh you might as well not bother I’m afraid. The simple truth is that you have to get more active all the time for it to work!

My lesson from all this was quite simple, until I had lost 3 stone I just wasn’t fit enough or had enough energy to sustain regular exercise and that had to come from reducing my food intake. You won’t lose weight from exercise alone especially if you have more than a stone to lose.  It’s just biology and as we get older it gets even more difficult so brace yourself, it will take some effort to make an impact – but remember it will be worth it, I can make you that sincere promise!  There aren’t any short cuts though if you want it to be sustainable.

I love winter food so over the last couple of weeks I’ve been increasing my exercise rate, so now the pool sessions are up from a standard 40 to 50 lengths now and in the gym, I’m doing more weights, started using the cross trainer and have added in an extra bike ride.  And there is a beef casserole bubbling away in the oven to be served with buttery mashed potato!

I love my new life, the exercise makes an impact on so many levels, physical, emotional and it’s even led to new friends who think like me and provide lots of invaluable support!  And that makes the effort worthwhile.

So pair up the exercise and eating less, give it a go, you will get more energy and even if it feels like REALLY hard work at the beginning, it will get easier and hopefully you will enjoy it.  The end result makes it so worth it.


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