Light Therapy

15 Nov
Light Therapy Lamp (in use), type Philips HF33...

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I suffer from a degree of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it seems to have got worse over the last couple of years and in only the second week post the clocks going back I am already seeing my symptoms creeping back. The little black clouds were following me around and even with my increased amount of sleep I was groggy.

I want to take control of this in any way so I ordered a light box after struggling to wake up properly in the gloom of the day, even after some pretty strenuous exercise (went to the pool for a fast 50 lengths (best time post surgery!) and then some weight work and a couple of kilometres on the bike in the gym).  Exercise is supposed to help and I have to say I did feel a bit better when I got home but still not right.

Today is the first day with the light box – it will be interesting, I know how alive (and awake) I felt over the summer spending more time in the sun so I’m looking forward to seeing of there is any effect/ I’ve bought a portable one so I can take it to work if I need to, the recommendation is at least an hours use a day to see any effect and you need to keep at it.

I’m determined that this year will be better!  Well I will at least give it a go!

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