A Year On!

1 Dec

I had my knee surgery on the 1st December last year. I had a few concerns at the time, firstly that I would have four – six weeks of restricted exercise, that I would be stuck at home and the effect that this may have on my diet and finally that after months of getting super fit I would be starting again on some fronts. It was all an unknown experience, a little scary and in the end an education in getting to know my body even better than I already did.

December of course ended up being one of the coldest on record and thanks to the snow and ice I ended up even more restricted. And my plans to be at the pool and walking around town were delayed in the end by almost 3 weeks. This meant an adjustment to my food intake to ensure I managed my weight. Luckily I got very fidgety which actually helps, you’d be amazed at how many calories you burn just being ‘active’. My physio also made sure that I had plenty of exercises to do at home to keep me occupied.

The fact that I had spent the time getting fit beforehand did help too, it would take my body longer to react to the change.

As far as the exercise was concerned when I did make it back to the pool, initially it was a gentle rehab but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared and when I was eventually allowed into ‘cruciate ligament boot camp’ with the footballers and rugby boys, this 40 something girl was holding her own and that felt very, very good!

When I did the initial injury when I was 40, I was sent to ‘boot camp’, I managed one session, thanks to a combination of embarrassment and fear I only went once, I could barely do anything and I couldn’t face it.  So being able to go back in a pair of lycra shorts and able to keep up and surpass what the boys could do was something pretty special and gave me a lot of motivation to keep going until I reached full fitness!

So a year on I’m able to do most things, I do go on the treadmill now, there is never going to be ‘running’ going on, I’m not sure I like it that much and the recommendation from my surgeon is that not doing it to excess will help keep my knees injury free in the future.  There are a lot of other things that I do so it’s not the end of the world. I’m now swimming faster than before the surgery and the gym work is more varied, now I don’t have to concentrate on the knee exercises so much I can start to focus on other things – at the moment that’s upper arms for me!

The scars have faded, actually I’m quite proud of them and I don’t make efforts to cover them up.  One thing that has remained has been the lack of sensation on a large area of my shin, this was down to the nerves being damaged during the surgery and is a common side effect, sometimes it comes back, but mine hasn’t despite massage and a lot of rubbing but is a small price to pay – although I almost always have a bruise on it due to not being able to feel knocks and bumps!

So many thanks have to go to Mr Santish my surgeon and to the physios at the local hospital, I have climbed, sailed, walked and been able to do some many other things in what has been a pretty special year!

It’s never too late to do exercise, even if like me there’s an injury or a restriction, it can still be done!  And it does change your life in so many different ways!

And the photo – well I think we saw plenty of the white stuff last December!  This year if it comes I’ll be outside shovelling and playing in it rather than watching out of the window!

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