When will you stop?

19 Dec

About two years ago when I had got down to a size 18 from a 24, a friend asked me when I would stop losing weight and be happy with my achievement.

At the time I was pretty pleased with myself, I’d had to buy new clothes and I was starting to feel a lot more self-confident and I remember saying to my friend that I would be quite happy if I stayed where I was.

This of course was before a few key things happened:

  • I discovered exercise
  • I found that losing weight wasn’t a chore or a negative experience
  • I developed a really positive relationship with food

And well the rest is history. However there has been a burning question in my head – where do I go from here, I’ve learnt how to change my life to keep the weight off, love the exercise and have had a year of fabulous new experiences, so what next?

This morning, I put on a skirt for work that I haven’t worn for over a year, I was surprised to find that it went on really easily; it was a little snug before. Now you all know I am not a fan of the bathroom scales but I do now own some, purchased purely for weighing luggage and large postal items! I have though stored them in the bottom of a cupboard, well out of sight; I never want them to be a big part of my life style.

However I was a little intrigued at the skirt situation so out came the scales and well I am now half a stone lighter than I was at my smallest just before the surgery a year ago. So my total weight loss is now six and a half stones.

I have been working in the gym and the pool over the last few weeks; I feel in control of my food at the moment, I also have a new very welcome motivation which is making me very happy so the combination appears to be working out well.

The good news is that as part of the benefits package for my new job, I get free access to the gym round the corner from my workplace, so I’ll be in there straight from work as soon as I can get it all sorted out. Hopefully there may be a pilates class as I’m feeling a real need for that at the moment.

So goals and challenges are needed for 2012, it’s been a fantastic year and I want to use what I’ve learnt to drive things further forwards.

My fitness is at a bit of a crossroads – do I settle for where I’ve got to, maintain it sensibly and be happy with that?

However I don’t however think that is enough for me any more, I have become very competitive with myself and that is really driving me forwards and this together with my new motivation is spurring me to take it to a new level. It’s not about getting superskinny (god forbid) but it about two key things:

  • Getting fitter, being able to do more and for longer, all about being healthy and pushing my body more, I’m still intrigued about what it can do considering where it was 2 and a half years ago?
  • Loose skin and toning – I have loose skin, we’ve talked about that a lot, it’s the result of excessive weight gain and the subsequent loss together with my age and biology. I believed it was impossible to do anything significant about it; however a good friend has had some pretty tremendous results this year with weights work so she’s going to help me out with a new intensive programme to see if we can make any impact. The objective is to tone and get smaller in a sensible, controlled way.

I am a bit surprised about how I feel, I never at the start expected to feel like this however the benefits I feel both physically and physiologically from doing exercise make it a very simple choice! This new body of mine has made my life quite wonderful and I intend to respect it but push it a bit too!

So it continues and my message to you is two-fold. You might think you can’t achieve something because ‘it’s not you’ or ‘it’s too difficult’, however think again, have you even tried it? Start the year by doing something a bit challenging; see if you can change your mind-set even a little? You may surprise yourself.

Secondly if you’re thinking to yourself that after a festive season of over indulgence that you’ll be making some resolutions and hitting the gym in the New Year, think about this one?

‘Health and fitness isn’t just for Christmas?’ You will need to want to make bigger changes, otherwise this time next year not much will have changed and you’ll be going through the same cycle all over again.

And as a final little tip, enjoy the holiday but if you don’t over indulge you might not have to work quite as hard in the New Year?

And the photo – it was sent to me today by one of the lovely ladies I met in Tuscany in September! 

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