Cooking from Scratch

3 Jan

I was interested to read today that there is a new Department of Health initiative in conjunction with three supermarkets to promote home cooking.  One of the things that I do feel has disappeared from our lives today is sitting down at a table to eat an evening meal.  Time and opportunity is more limited, we tend to grab whatever is handy from the freezer and plonk ourselves in front of the TV. Now that’s all well and good once in a while but I have a feeling that this is now a norm.

I hear a lot being said that cooking from scratch is more expensive, I don’t agree with that.  I spend some time each weekend making soups and casseroles and then freezing them.  It uses fresh veg, good meats (if you slow cook beef, you can buy cheaper cuts, you just need to cut off more fat) and as I did this weekend, it didn’t include any carbs so is very healthy.  And cheap – it just takes a little effort, it’s not that difficult, it’s mainly chopping after all!

I was lucky, I was brought up in a household where cooking was a normal way of life and we did eat our evening meal together which has installed some good habits.  I watched a programme a while ago about today’s children’s eating behaviour, it was interesting to see that those who sat in front of the TV unsupervised had problems with using the correct cutlery, being able to decide when they were full and consequently eat far more than they probably needed to.  Eating should be like most things, it needs focus and concentration.  When the same children eat as a family, their table manners were considerably better, they controlled what they had so eat less.

I think it says a lot about how we all now eat, we subconsciously eat, we’re not really paying that much attention to how much we consume, we’re very likely to also not really enjoy our food.

Since losing the weight and doing more cooking I do find I now have a much greater respect for food and I enjoy it far more, I savour it rather than it just being another task that has to be done during the day.

So give it a go, try making more of your own food, eat at the table, make time for eating and enjoying food!   For me it’s another thing to think about before you set off on your plan – how do you eat?


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