Jeans – finding perfection?

4 Jan
The back pocket on a pair of jeans.

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It hasn’t mattered what size I’ve been, I have still spent most of my life looking for the perfect pair of jeans!

When I was at University I was ‘too skinny’, my waist was tiny and out of proportion to my hips, I found I was ‘between’ sizes so searched everywhere for a size 9.  When I was at my biggest I celebrated when Evans finally made jeans that not only fitted but also looked as good as they could in a size 24.

As I started to get smaller I used those Evans jeans very strategically, I would buy the next size down as a challenge rather than weighing myself, the day I bought the size 14 (the smallest they do) was quite an event, they were quickly too big and the shape was all wrong.  As I was now smaller the need for that ‘perfect pair’ became a little bit of an obsession!

 So at the beginning of the year, I went to a specialist jeans shop and set about finding the perfect pair for my new body, it took hours and in the end I had tried on over 20 pairs, of course I ended up buying the first pair I tried on. This shop is great though, I’m short so finding ‘off the peg’ jeans in the right leg length is very tricky, this shop will take your chosen jeans up for you, it vastly increases the choice, it’s a bit more expensive but well worth the investment.

These jeans are now too big, the main thing is that my shape is changing again.  So here we are again with the prospect of finding the perfect pair!  What is so annoying though is that sizing for jeans is about as erratic and inconsistent as it could be for any item of clothing.  I have tried on jeans even from the same retailer and needed anything from a 14 to an 18!

Given my latest challenge involves jeans I don’t really want to spend the money on the ‘perfect pair’ until I’ve reached my objective so what would be good would be to find a couple of pairs of cheap ones, however I know that this will be difficult and involve compromise.  My body is still not in proportion, I need a shorter length, I want a bootcut in a darker blue – all of these requirements make finding jeans so much more difficult.

However the core of my challenge is important, that pair of size 12 tight jeans is important – however what is a size 12, my last pair wasn’t even a ‘size’ but rather referred to a waist size?  So watch this space and see what happens in April when I venture back into retail land to track down the next perfect pair of jeans?  Do they even exist?  I’d be interested to hear about your experiences too!


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