Off & Running

8 Jan

So my first 2012 challenge is underway – there’s a new page up there on the menu. Now I’ve been honest about how my body looks today so I want you to think about a few things too?

If you’re thinking about losing weight or getting fitter then take some photographs of your body, in underwear so you can see what you look like, yes it may be very scary or upsetting however you don’t have to show them to anyone.  What it will do is give you a stake in the ground of where you’re starting from?   That way you’ll be able to see the changes.

A big thank you does go out to a special friend who has given me the confidence to do this, she is a very strong woman who has shown what determination and effort can do, it’s not about spending money on gyms and trainers, she did it all with a set of 3 pound weights, an exercise mat and a £5 DVD to start off with.

My family and friends have been instrumental in giving me the right support and encouragement over the last couple of years, without them it would possibly never have happened.  I still need that, I have new friends who are also giving me those all important extra little pushes that give me the confidence to see just what more I can do and achieve.

Yesterday I was feeling tired and a little emotionally exhausted, my sleep had been erratic for a few days. Going to the gym seemed like a ridiculous thing to do but after the first 10k I’d done on the bike for a long time that made my muscles burn and an intense weights session I felt alive again and my head went into a much better place.

This challenge is not just about the physical effects of exercise, it’s also about the impact it has on your emotional well-being. Never under-estimate that – stick with whatever you decide to undertake, it will be so worth it in the end, I can promise you that!


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