Don’t let the metal box rule your life!

19 Jan

I wrote a blog post for the Lifestyle guy a while ago, however it’s now very relevant again.

I’m talking to a lot of people who are getting either very down or frustrated that they’re not ‘losing weight’, the thing they have in common is not how they’re exercising or eating but how they use their scales.

They are weighing either daily, every other day or weekly.  They are only seeing very small weight changes. As you may have gathered I have quite strong views on scales and how they should be used.  That little metal box has the power to demotivate and make your whole getting fit and healthy process a negative one – you need to take control of it!

  • So take it out of the bathroom or the bedroom and put it somewhere less accessible so temptation is removed.  Get them out once a fortnight!
  • If you can afford it consider buying scales that measure your body fat percentage, this could be a much better indicator of your achievements.  Especially if you are now concentrating on getting fit and your actual weight loss target is low. Remember that getting fit may result in building muscle and losing body fat, this may have a different effect on your weight than you were expecting, however you will tone, change shape and be smaller!
  • If you can bear it, get rid of them completely and start using scales at a friend’s house or at the gym and decide when you’re going to weigh. I can promise you if you go to fortnightly and see the effect you’ll be fine!

If you are doing everything right in terms of what you are eating and achieving on the active front then you will see the impact!  Listen to yourself and your body rather than relying on what the metal box tells you!   The TV programmes on at the moment don’t help either, just because they might lose half a stone in a week on The Biggest Loser doesn’t mean it is normal 0r healthy and always remember that they are starting from a very extreme place, when you are very overweight, you will lose much higher amounts early on, it will though tail off significantly later on!  

You can find my original article here . Worth taking a look at what Garth has to say, he talks a lot of commonsense (especially for blokes).

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