Let’s revisit a few things

27 Jan

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now and I thought it might be useful for new readers to go back and look at some of the earlier topics I’ve covered.

There are a couple of areas that I’ve been asked about a lot recently.

Ruth Jones and James Corden at a BBC Radio Wal...

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Motivation – what makes you want to make changes in your life, I was reading about James Corden and his five stone weight loss this week, he’s put it down to two things – the arrival of his son and the realisation that he needs to be healthy to be able to play with him in the future and a pretty fabulous new role on Broadway. He’s been big for years, his career has been pretty much built on him being a ‘big boy’ so it’s interesting to see him make what is quite a fundamental change. 

You have to want change, you can talk about it until you are blue in the face but unless you want it and therefore can commit to it then it won’t happen. All of you yo-yo dieters out there, there is more to it than buying yourself some slimfast and hoping that will make a difference? 

Of course you could just wait for a scare and be forced into action but I’m sure none of us really want it to get to that stage and for some that’s a big risk and could result in serious illness or even death.   Bit of a plea to any twenty-somethings out there who are overweight, don’t wait to sort it out, do it now, every year that passes makes it that bit more difficult.  To be blunt you will end up with more loose skin, more stretch marks, the risk that some conditions might not be able to be reversed (e.g diabetes, the younger you are when it develops the greater the risk of eye and circulation problems as you get older……you could go blind as early as your 30s or40s) and just the process of losing weight will be so much harder so get off your bum and do something now but aim to find a solution for life now, not set yourself up for a lifetime of struggling with your weight, believe me it doesn’t have to be that way!  Gentle rant over!

So have a look at this post  and take some time to think about what your motivation should be and how much you want it? 

Hunger Pangs & Cravings – for the past couple of weeks I’ve been reducing my carbs and increasing my protein intake as part of  a programme to reduce my body fat, I always thought that if I took out carbs I would crave the sugar – nope, all I think about, dream about are crisps and mashed potatoes!   I would have done almost (!) anything yesterday for a packet of Sweet Chilli Sensations!  Of course this is just my head playing games with me and if I distract myself or eat a good carb (in this case a banana solved the problem) then it does go away. I know if I stick with it my brain will start to respond in a different way but it is proving to be a lot more difficult than I’d thought. Luckily I have a lot of great support and they’ve managed to steer me away from the vending machine as the Sensations cried out to me!

Hunger pangs are the same when you start to reduce the amount you consume, your body and head are used to controlling your appetite, you’ve been giving it a certain amount, you’ve been responding well when it’s told you it needs more.  Now the tables have turned but you have to re-teach your brain the new rules, it doesn’t take long but as with pets and children you do need to be consistent and persistent!  Have a look at this post for some tips on how to get through those difficult first few weeks.

And the picture – chosen as it shows James with Ruth Jones who has also lost a lot of weight, they both look great at the moment and despite their careers being built on them being big and funny, they’ve been able to change. It’s worth remembering too that you are still ‘you’ whatever size you are; but when you’re big and have been for a long time it’s harder to recognise that the ‘bigger you’ might not be as happy as you think, often you only realise that once you have shrunk. You don’t have a personality transplant, you just deal with things in a different way!

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