The Right Support

3 Feb

As you get smaller some things won’t reduce in the way you might think – your boobs are two of them.  However with a correctly fitting bra, you can look great and as I found actually lose a dress size or maybe even more than one!

Take a look at a previous post on my first visit after weight loss to a bra fitting service and how much difference it made.  It’s worth during your weight loss process getting measured at regular intervals so you know you’re wearing the right size as it will change.

Finally observations from my gym visits this week on the correct attire and approach for a workout!

  • Ladies, please wear support bras when doing anything that involves impact.  A wired push up bra is not the best idea when using the treadmill!
  • Jewellery is not necessary for a workout, this week I saw a group of 3 girls in their early 20s who’d put a lot of effort into their gym outfits, the necklaces and bejeweled belts were probably not required?
  • Thin black leggings do become transparent when stretched so wearing a G-string underneath isn’t the best choice, perhaps a long t-shirt is a necessary addition or some nice big pants?
  • There were glossy magazines in the gym, I asked my trainer why, surely no-one actually reads them, he said I’d be surprised!
  • Finally, press the button labelled ‘quick start’ and put in some resistance when using the bikes, spinning around for ten minutes without any is going to do you no good whatsoever, of course it does make texting a bit easier!  It would be lovely if ‘going to the gym’ was sufficient for you to get fit and lose weight, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, sustained breaking sweat and going a bit red is required!

So embrace your shape and make the most of it, respect your boobs, give them a little bit of help and they’ll work for you! 



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