Eat Better

8 Feb

On this cold day , let’s look at how you can easily start Eating Better?

Again, think about it logically, if you think it’s bad for you or it looks bad then it probably is. Check out my previous post for some shock facts about junk food, it’s valid, do you want to do this to your body? 

A lot of processed foods also contain large amounts of chemicals – for taste, to preserve them etc, your body is programmed on how to deal with nutrients, not chemicals, therefore if you put a lot of these in, your poor body doesn’t know what to do with them; in a lot of cases will just send out signals that it’s hungry!  Before you delve into that Weightwatchers Ready Meal, check the box and look at the chemicals?  If you made it yourself, would you add them, I know I don’t have these type of ingredients in my larder?  I found an interesting article today which looks at the association between food being prepared outside the home and obesity, it says the same thing, you would never add in the amount of fat, salt or sugar to meals if you cooked the meals yourself at home. – you would seriously think it was madness!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just takes some thought and making the time but it does work.  I’m sorry to say though that if you don’t eat any fruit or veg then you are going to make life very difficult for yourself if you want to lose weight, it’s one of the things that will help massively along the way. So try them, there are hundreds of varieties, there have to be some that you will find you like.  I’m 44 and I’ve only just discovered I really like beetroot, I can’t get enough of the stuff!

And if you’re a parent, it’s even more important that normal eating isn’t about junk or processed food, education includes food and if your children see a balanced, healthy food being prepared at home as the norm, they are much more likely to maintain this into adulthood.  It’s worth a bit of effort and a few battles along the way to avoid future health problems for our kids.  If you don’t eat fruit and veg please don’t avoid giving it to the kids, why don’t you make an effort to eat them too!

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

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Eating better is the only way to sustain weight loss  believe me and in the long run it will be cheaper.  As an example a friend of mine was quoted £70+ a week for a LighterLife Plan, think about what food you could buy with that sort of money?   The key thing to remember about this type of diet is that at some point you have to return to ‘normal’ eating, wouldn’t it be easier to start losing weight by changing how you plan to eat forever?   Even think about going to some cooking lessons so you can learn the basics, it really isn’t difficult.


Eating better doesn’t have to be boring, you can still have treats, eat out and order takeaways but you have to apply the ‘Eat Less’ principle to be able to do it, I know what I’d rather do!

Remember too that just adding in ‘diet supplements’ like SlimFast into a diet that isn’t healthy is totally pointless, always read a manufacturer’s website for the full story, the SlimFast site clearly says if you need to lose a large proportion of weight it’s of little use and that you have to eat a balanced main meal!  So save your money and look for a better solution.

The final principle from the three is to Move More – if you eat well then this will be so much easier, you’ll have more energy and your body will respond in the right way. If you don’t then doing any exercise to lose weight will be near on pointless – think on that and I’ll talk about Moving tomorrow!


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