It’s Sunday!

12 Feb

So it’s Sunday again, someone asked earlier do we look at the day as being the end or the start of a week? For me this week it is definitly the end, I am quite pleased to see the new week as it means a renewed thought process around my life and my challenge.

I am looking upon it as purely a blip in the grand scheme of the last couple of years, there have been a few but as I’ve mentioned before, the trick is knowing how to deal with them and get back on track – remaining happy both emotionally and physically.

It’s been a good weekend too, met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen since the end of the summer and she was surprised at how my body shape had changed since then, as you all know, it’s important to me how I look, not necessarily what the data says?

I also went out on a dating night and enjoyed the compliments that came my way, it’s still something that is a bit special for me, after years in the ‘big’ closet, it’s nice to be out there and to be appreciated.

I am throughly enjoying the exercise though, even if getting out of bed this morning was a little challenging, all well tonight though after a bit of stretching, back at it tomorrow evening.

There’s an amended approach to the food and we’ll see how that goes this week, the protein levels are still higher and I have now discovered that my carb cravings are diminishing thanks to increasing the amounts a bit, it’s all in the tweaking. I’ve also spent the afternoon in the kitchen and produced some yummy food for the week which is on plan.

And there is cake for my team at work, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but one of the things I love to do is to make cake, I don’t actually eat them, it’s been something I’ve done since I got back my positive relationship with food, I don’t even lick the bowl, but I do love seeing others enjoy them (in moderation!).

So have a look at my ramblings on the Challenge, apologies if that’s how they come across but I wanted to be honest about how the week had gone and how it’s being pulled back for me. Remember though everyone is different, this is my approach, it’s working for me and so far has given me a life I never thought possible which for me is still a very important factor!

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