Loving it!

15 Feb

I’ve now completed three of the new strength programmes, yes it’s tough but I am loving it, even THAT 5 minutes of intense bike work in the middle!  Really feeling my body working now – I look like a beetroot when I’m done but that is a good thing!

I also changed my cardio session on the bike last night pushing it into a resistance programme between 7 and 10 – I’ve never been able to sustain a 10 before so I am extremely happy!

On the protein front, I’m now on the hunt for alternatives to the whey products I have been using, they do exist, I’ve just got to find them, it’s further complicated by my nut allergy but I’ll give it a go – in the meantime, the meat and fish continues!  Had a big pile of spinach tonight, I really love the stuff!

From talking to a nutritionist I do need to be careful about the protein as it could end up making my system over work and ultimately make me sick and this could scupper my plans so I’m taking it gently now I know I struggle with it. However I know I need it to make the most of these fab strength sessions so I’ll look for a safe alternative that works for me.


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