Losing things

16 Feb

This morning I found I’d lost one of my rings. In one way I’m really disappointed as I quite liked it but on the other hand it tells me something – my fingers are shrinking again. I almost lost a very special ring that was made for me last summer a couple of weeks ago too & it fitted like a glove a while ago?
Not only did I have to replace every item of clothing I owned (even shoes) thanks to the shrinkage I also had to ditch bracelets and rings. At the time it surprised me, I’d never given that any thought, that everything would shrink! And I did, in different places at different times, it didn’t happen proportionally all over either, I seemed to wake up one morning and find my double chin gone or my knee caps were visible?
I put on a top for the first time in a while this week too & it fitted differently to the last time, my shoulders seem narrower and there is something going on around my waist?
Maybe this is the beginning of seeing the effects of the new regime – whatever it is, it looks like I need to go shopping for some new smaller things soon.

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