Keeping Focused

19 Feb

As with most important things we have to deal with in our lives, losing weight, keeping it off and getting fit and healthy is not always easy. There are hurdles to overcome and you may come up against obstacles you would never even have dreamed off.

Keeping focused is important, keeping sight of those things you really want and aspire to, often though you may need to re-evaluate when it becomes difficult – this is absolutely fine and it will happen in one way or another at some point.  Don’t be afraid or it or let it scupper your new life, all it normally takes is a bit of re-jigging and you’re back off and running.

For me there have been several points like this:

  • Knowing surgery on my knee was around the corner and I wouldn’t be able to do anywhere near the amount of exercise I was doing pre-op, I was scared of what this might mean, would I put on weight because of this? In the end it took a bit of thinking about what I was going to eat and drink and also that there was actually a lot of exercise I would be able to do, it wasn’t that bad in the end I didn’t put on any weight.
  • The realisation I was very unhappy at work. However deciding that life was too short and that I really needed to get out there and really enjoy the weight I had already lost was a turning point and I ended up having a fabulous few months and re-evaluating how I lived this part of my life too.  It’s framed the next stage nicely and without having done it, maybe I wouldn’t be on the next stage.
  • Struggling with the new eating regime as it challenged some of my thinking – yes this was difficult, it was as much about how my head dealt with the problem as the awful digestion problems I encountered. I have to really redo my thinking on this one however I was reminded I needed to find my own way of moving my challenge forwards, if it didn’t make me happy then it was unlikely to work, everyone is different and I have only succeeded this far by finding my own way, it was perfectly okay to approach this stage in the same way and yes I feel a lot better now!  Check out the Challenge page to hear more.
  • Not having the support of some people who have been unable to deal with the changes in my life. Don’t get me wrong I have wonderful friends and family who are very proud of what I’ve achieved, they see how happy and content I now am and also how unhappy my old life was. However this hasn’t been the same with everyone and it has been incredibly difficult and upsetting to deal with.  I have though recognised that I don’t need the negative impact they bring to my life, I’m not going back to my old life and the old ‘me’, and this isn’t my problem, it is theirs?  It’s taken a lot of strength and determination to move past that, I’ve ended up having professional help to get through it in a healthy way for me. I’m disappointed that it’s happened but I won’t let it ruin what I have achieved or what I want to do in the future.  Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak or in trouble, it marks a certain strength and its something I actually should have done a long time ago.   The brilliant news is that I do have people in my life who challenge me, support and motivate me and I would much rather spend my emotional energy on them!

Staying focused and motivated is always going to be challenging, for the vast majority of it, it is incredibly positive but there will always will things that sneak up to challenge you in other ways, I do always find that I do learn something and it makes the next time that bit easier.  That’s life I guess!



4 Responses to “Keeping Focused”

  1. lorna March 9, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    Well done, sometimes results come slowly, sometimes it’s because we haven’t found that exercise which really works for our body or sometimes it’s down to our eating.
    Will you be adding any measurements to your progress info? I would be interested to see the drop in your body fat/weight loss and this may inspire your readers.

    • trudykelly March 9, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

      Thank you Lorna. I will be publishing after the next set of measurements. The effect of the eating is really shown by the zinc measurement, I was amazed to see the change in that! I am most motivated though by how I’m looking and feeling which is great!

  2. lorna March 9, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    Excellent, don’t be disheartened by slow results, you are waking up your body. Even if you have only lost 2% of your body fat it is still moving in the correct direction.

    • trudykelly March 9, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

      Thanks Lorna – I’m far from disheartened!

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