Reading Material

21 Feb

I’m a bit geeky about a lot of things – I do like a good read about the science of nutrition , dieting and especially the head stuff.

My friend bought me a book for Christmas that’s proving very interesting as it brings up (and supports) a lot of the things I’ve come to believe in  – from a science point of view.

Brian Wansink looks at a lot of things that when you think about them are commonsense, however we’ve lost sight of them over time resulting in over eating and not thinking about food and nutrition in the correct way.

The whole world is on a diet yet the science clearly shows that this approach doesn’t work  – 95% of people will put the weight back on however we continue to yo-yo on and off diet plans?  Why?  It makes little sense yet everyone does it?

The book clearly shows that it is a lot to do with how we think about food, if we re-programme that thinking we’re able to make significant changes. I’m enjoying it because it is based on science, every single question and answer is backed up with research, it also links into some new American and Australian research that backs up why as we lose weight it gets harder to lose it, I found losing the first 3 stone surprisingly easy however now six stone plus down the line it does take more effort and has to be backed up with exercise.

It’s worth a read to understand how the brain works with food, it’s one of those ‘light bulb moment’ books.  Often we just need to understand and make sense of the situation to be able to make changes.

Oh and it talks about smaller plates – I’ll always be a supporter of those, portion control is the one easy step we can all make, for all our family members, it’s becoming increasingly important that parents begin to realise the impact of children over eating, even in a small way, the knock on effects through life are there for everyone to see now, we really need to give ourselves a really big kick up the bum to change things.

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