22 Feb

I’ve just bought some proper exercise trousers – now of course I’ve had some but they have either been baggy ones or normal leggings.

Over the last year the leggings have got smaller which  is great but I’ve still been a bit nervous about the proper exercise ones, in the past I’ve always felt that the fabric they’re made from showed up all my lumps and bumps which for me wasn’t that motivating especially when I’m using a gym with mirrored walls (!)

Anyway given the amount of time I spend in the gym now and that just perhaps I’m not feeling quite so wobbly I decided to take the  plunge and get myself sorted out. I found a great online company and ordered 2 very different pairs.

When I took them out of the bag today I almost fainted at how small one of the pairs looked and firmly thought they’d be going straight back. Even the other pair (not quite so scary) looked tiny.  I put them to one side and decided I’d come back to them later on when I’d got my head around the task in hand…

It had to be done, so tried on the not quite so small pair first, wow, not only did they fit, there were no visible wobbly bits and I actually looked good in them!   Spurred on by my new-found confidence (and amazement) I put on the other pair, yes the fabric is super stretchy (made of bamboo) but they did fit and as far as I can see under artificial light, I’m not showing too many lumps and bumps!

So a result and nothing is going back which is a great thing. I intend to look good in all my different clothing options including the sports gear – still seems a bit weird that a large part of my clothes rail is made up of stuff for fit activities – who would have thought.

I feel nicely motivated now and have booked the mid challenge measurement session for the 8th March – nervous and excited!

The company I used was – love the name!  Lots of natural fabric options too, also bought a sports bra which fits just fine however given how fast my upper  half seems to shrink may need replacing fairly soon – hopefully 🙂

If you’re struggling with your exercise treat yourself to some proper gear that you feel good in – it makes all the difference (especially if they’re smaller than you ever thought would fit you).

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