Get off the Chair!

29 Feb
 Interesting night’s television viewing last night!
Supersize vs Superskinny

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Firstly the return of Supersize vs Superskinny. I like this programme, the use of shock tactics as well as looking at both extremes of eating disorders is interesting and it’s this realisation that what they are doing isn’t normal seems to be the thing that kick starts the change in behaviour.

Obesity is a major problem, we shouldn’t underestimate that, although I fear we’re all trying to ignore it.  I don’t think we do talk enough about how awful it is being big, or that overeating is an eating disorder – believe me it is and should be treated as such, unless you deal with the head stuff, it is very unlikely that the weight will stay off for very long as behaviour will just revert back.  So if the shock tactics don’t work for the big person themselves (who may not watch), it may for those around them and trigger a response, I would have hoped that the husband of the larger lady last night whilst he said he loved her no matter what her size was, realised that her 25 stone frame put her at massive risk of major health problems and that he needed to intervene. The science helps but so do the realities of what being big is all about, I suffered from or was at risk of developing a host of embarrassing, painful and awful conditions when I was bigger.

It’s this reality that keeps me motivated to stay smaller. I need reminding of that. Often. I do though now despair that things are way out of hand and that we are not seeing the true, awful picture of what the future is going to look like.  Let’s not sugar coat the reality.

I like the programme for one other major reason – the people do lose the weight/gain weight. They realise they have the power to change, they do it without surgery or extreme measures, it’s done over a sustained amount of time with plenty of education and support.

Of course you may feel differently but it’s certainly one programme that keeps me very motivated and it certainly doesn’t hide anything.

So the second programme was an Horizon documentary looking at exercise, now I saw something last year along the same lines so was interested to see if the science had been updated.

What scientists call

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Whilst it was interesting and raised some vital points, there were some significant missings about what type of exercise you need to do to get fit and lose weight.  I did though really like the commonsense advice that getting off your bum and generally moving more is so important!  In fact this afternoon while my boss and I were discussing a project, I insisted we did this standing up and moving around rather than sitting at a table, small things all count, in the 10 weeks I’ve worked in the building I’ve been in the lift once, I tend to stand up frequently and move around. It’s something to bear in mind, how much time do you actually spend sat down in your normal day? There appears to be a lot of good in fidgeting!

The other more controversal discussion was around HIT (High Intensity Training), now I do an element of this with my normal cardio and weight work. Alone HIT will only improve (perhaps?) your cardio vascular health, it won’t tone or help you lose weight which if we’re honest is the reason why most of us exercise.  The research also showed that everyone is different and will respond to exercise in different ways, this is very intriguing and I’ll be writing about that later on this week.

And finally the host (who is not overweight) revealed that during tests for another programme it was found that he had high levels of visceral fat, it is this invisible fat that is the most dangerous, the other stuff is not as dangerous (still needs to be within healthy limits) and it turns out that stubborn stuff around my hips is probably fine in the grand scheme of things. So even if you’re normal weight but not fit you might need to get checked out, especially if like him you’re in your 40s.


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