Pushing and pushing

4 Mar

I now enjoy that feeling when you think you can’t do anymore but if you summon up enough mental effort somehow you can push that bit harder and achieve much more than even you thought was possible.

Often I look at what I’ve managed to do and still think that I achieved what I thought was unachievable. When 16 weeks after first stepping into the pool and doing 14 very hard lengths, swimming 180 and raising £1800 for charity I knew there wasn’t much I couldn’t do if I wanted it badly  enough.

And it’s that philosophy that’s spurred me on ever since.

My efforts pale into insignificance though with what two blokes also in their 40s managed to do this week.

The first was John Bishop and his ‘Week of Hell’ – cycling, rowing and running from Paris to London. he admitted himself that he had totally underestimated how hard it would be, he’s done some training but nowhere near enough, but thanks to fantastic support, great physios, blue tape and sheer guts he did it. He showed what true determination is, and this morning he was up bright and early watching his son play football, complete with a cast to protect his damaged leg! So much for taking it easy after what really did turn out to be hell!

The second isn’t a celebrity – his name is Christopher Brisley and he ran 94 miles in 24 hours for charity this weekend, it would have been 100 had we not had unexpected snow and freezing temperatures which led to the organisers of the race calling a stop for safety reasons. His story is one of total determination, he’s had everything thrown at him, he’s never let anything stop him and he selflessly continues to push himself to raise money for others.

Read his story here and try not to feel inspired – follow him on Facebook and Twitter, he never fails to make me feel motivated to keep going, to test my body that bit further. He’s unassuming and determined and I felt humbled this morning to wake up hearing the rain and realising he was still running, 24 hours after starting, I put in some extra effort in the pool at lunchtime, it seemed the least I could do!

So all you 40+ year olds out there who think you’re too old, too fat, too unfit etc etc etc to get fit – IT’S NOT!!!!!!  Get off your arse and do something, lose some weight, get more active and make life count. It’s too precious to waste or to lose early because you didn’t look after it and show it some respect.

And when it comes down to it, if I can do it anyone can!

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