8 Mar

So today was the first re-measurement of Challenge 2012. I went in nervous but excited.

Before I go onto the highlights there are a few things to take note  – these are important.

  • I’ve been ill this week so haven’t trained as much as I’d wanted to.
  • The first set of measurements were taken first thing in the morning, this time in the evening, this can skew the data – we’ve made a note to take the next set in the evening too.
  • We try to take the measurements from exactly the same places on my body each time however we can’t guarantee the exact place so there can be a degree of difference – unless we tattoo me, I said no!
  • It has only been 8 weeks!!!

We used the same set of measurements as last time, as you may have gathered by now, I am just as interested in the health aspects of getting fitter as I am in the weight/body fat etc etc factors. Last time one of the caliper measurements indicated I didn’t get enough zinc so I’ve been taking a supplement – so has this had any effect? So out came the body fat scales, the tape measure and the calipers.

We are using the caliper measurements as being the most significant for us, my trainer has many years of experience in taking these and they are more reliable than using the body fat scales. If you can – pay to have these measurements done properly, it’ll give you a better indication of what you need to do, your food regime and exercise can be planned much better and you’ll be using every minute of exercise in the best way for you – remember everyone is very different.

So the highlights are (in no particular order):

  • My weight has dropped a little
  • My body fat % has gone down
  • I have  lost 2cm off my chest measurement – the scapula caliper measurement also showed a decrease clearly showing that my upper body is reacting!
  • All of my caliper measurements are on the way down or stable (see notes above) including my cheek, always nice to know your face is getting smaller!  Pleased with that plus my fingers – another ring fell off today too!

Now for the very interesting stuff – I am quite geeky so this is really good!

  • My upper arms are getting smaller – by 0.5cm on the tape measure but 0.9cm on the calipers, may not seem a lot however this is the measurement that showed my zinc deficiency last time, so this is brilliant news and shows I’m making a real impact with the exercise and the food regime together with taking the supplement. My trainer was a bit surprised by the degree of change here so re-measured just in case he’d got the positioning wrong and still got the same result. If you want to learn more – this article is useful.
  • The caliper measurement for my shin was also significantly different – now here’s the really geeky stuff. This is the measurement that can also give an indicator of stress levels as it shows cortisol. My measurement (and several re-measurements) was significantly down. What my trainer didn’t know was that I have been having hypnotherapy, this has resulted in me feeling far less stressed and much calmer – so here is a clear link between dealing with emotional issues and seeing a physical effect. He and I were amazed at the result.

Now some of the changes were small, however I feel and look much better, I can see the toning effect, I am doing it sensibly and enjoying it, my clothes feel smaller (the chest decrease is already visible) – and we can both see that my upper arms are more defined. There is a way to go, there is a lot of work to do but it can be done, the measurements I care about are the caliper ones, they are the most reliable and their story is a positive one on many levels.

I will always stand by my principle however that it how you feel about yourself, how your clothes fit and how you look, do your eyes sparkle, your skin glow, do you have lots of energy and are you enjoying what you are doing – rather than what the scales say. I am fit, healthier than I have ever been in my life and very happy. And yes motivated to carry on, in my own way that appears to work for me and my life!

(Trainer’s happy too – although looking forward to working me harder!)

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