Pushing it!

15 Mar

It had been a long day at work, tiring on lots of levels but I sent myself off to the gym tonight for a cardio session in the gym. Now my target is 12k on the bike from resistance levels 7  through to 10.

At 4k I was so tired, legs were heavy and the easy decision would have been to have finished it there however my head kicked in, it told  me to do another 2k, that’s half way and then see how I felt.  I then got to 6k, now my head told me that I was on the home straight….push on through another 2k, at 8k it’s only another 4k to completion. Once I’m at 10, well it’s a breeze to get to the 12k target!

In fact at 12k I felt fine, everything was nicely warmed up, I’d kept a steady breathing pattern throughout and most importantly I felt great that I’d achieved it. I always do feel good about what I can achieve now, it never ceases to amaze me about what my body (and my head) can now do.

Let’s be totally honest it’s not ‘easy’ to get fit and lose the amount of weight I have, it takes hard work, motivation and commitment, it’s often the last thing I want to do, it would be ‘easier’ not to go to the gym or the pool or to have that packet of sweet chilli crisps. However the rewards from making the effort are immense, it has changed my life and it continues to, therefore the choice to do it is an easy one, in fact it’s the only choice now for me.

I would probably not have my current job if I was still bigger, I wouldn’t have met some of the wonderful people now in my life, I wouldn’t be looking in the mirror and loving what I see.  I am pretty sure that my life wouldn’t be anything like it is now.

It is the ultimate motivation – that my new life is so great, why would I change that??

I was also really pleased to see a lady in the gym who had obviously lost a lot of weight too, the tell-tale sign is the upper arms. It’s always going to be the body part that is so hard to get rid of the loose skin when our arms were so big.  She’s done brilliantly though!

And the photo – one of my favourites of me and given a warm glow!


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