We’re all getting older!

18 Mar

There is one thing that is certain in our lives – we are all going to get older.

I’m quite positive about that now, I know the work I’ve done has resulted in me looking and doing well for my age, I quite like revealing just how old I am now.

The chances are that I will live to a ripe old age (fingers crossed), and I have every intention of making sure I keep as fit and healthy as I can for as long as I can so I can enjoy it.

My Aunty Mair is in her late 80s, she’s always been an active lady and it has really benefited her as she’s got older so it’s clear to see how important it is.  At 60 when we ‘retire’, we’re not ‘old’ by any stretch of the imagination now, we could have another 30 years so you might as well get out there and be able to enjoy it!

So deal with those niggly aches and pains that might stop you keeping active, it’ll keep your healthier longer, there’s no reason to suffer or use it as an excuse for why you can’t do things, see your doctor and get some advice on the best way to keep fit, most things can now be sorted and as we get older it’s also important that any more major problems are caught early.

In keeping fit I’m not talking about running a marathon but keeping your body in as good a state as possible so you can keep active and moving, however this week I’ve noticed a lot of older people in both the gyms I use and they were putting a lot of the younger people to shame!

And I met a lot of ladies last year on my pilates trip who were incredibly active and one thing was very clear, they all looked great for their age!  They most certainly motivated me and made me a lot less concerned about the future.

I hope I’m like my Aunty Mair – she’s a star!


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