All you can eat?

25 Mar

My approach to losing weight has always been to start with ‘how much’ you eat.  We all eat way, way too much. The easiest way for most of us to make a difference is to start reducing portion sizes.

How do you feel when you see photos like this one?  Do you see it as a challenge, would you carry on eating until you could barely move, would you enjoy eating it or would a smaller amount of everything be fine?  Firstly no human needs to eat that amount of food in one go? It is going to stretch your stomach beyond anything it is supposed to do and put a ridiculous amount of strain on your digestive system for days afterwards as it tries to cope with the fat and sheer volume?

If you overeat on a regular basis, you will confuse your body, your stomach won’t have the chance to recover, it will tell your brain it’s not full purely because it’s stretched so you will run the risk of eating more and more to satisfy your appetite.  So is it worth it?

I feel I’m lucky now, I’ve managed to re-set my appetite, it feels as though my stomach has reduced in size, if I attempt to overeat now, my body will react, it’s not pleasant and serves as a reminder that I don’t need to stuff myself.  I actually enjoy food far more now, I’ve proved it’s about quality not quantity where food is concerned.

Now the effect is similar to what happens with gastric surgery, what many won’t realise is that it is possible to reverse the surgical effect, despite the stomach being reduced in size, if you gradually eat more and more it will stretch back allowing more food to be eaten and the weight will go back on. People are having repeat surgery because of this.

So visualise what happens to your body when you eat, your stomach is about the size of an adult closed fist – then think about your  intestines, that enormous amount of food has to go into the stomach first and then into the rest of your system – does that seem reasonable or even possible?

Would you enjoy the meal just as much if you only eat a smaller amount?

My closing thought is that we should be kinder to our bodies, don’t make it hurt, it does that for a reason to tell you to stop, listen to it and think it has to last you a long time, is the Eat as Much as you can Chinese Buffet or that super size mixed grill really worth it?




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