Keeping Motivated

29 Mar

One of the things I’ve never really had any trouble with is keeping motivated to stay smaller!  My biggest motivation is the thought of what my ‘bigger’ life was like, all I need to do is spend five minutes thinking about all the embarrassment, frustrations and sadness and the one thing I can confidently say is that I never want to return to that world – why would I?  Of course that’s a negative, so on the positive side I look at my lovely new clothes, the photos of all the fab things I’ve been able to do and how great my ‘smaller’ life is!

So I was quite challenged by my latest objectives as things didn’t move as quickly as perhaps I’d hoped, it wasn’t all bad, progress was made but one thing I have learnt about myself is that I am very competitive (with myself) so in order to keep motivated I needed to see results.  There was thankfully enough progress to keep me motivated to an extent but it was more difficult.  However at this point I’m very pleased to see that real progress is now taking place!

This morning thanks to a blast of unseasonally warm weather I got my linen trousers out of the ‘summer clothes box’, now I have two pairs in two different sizes, in a slightly sleepy state this morning (I now leave home very early to get to the gym before work) I thought I had put on the larger pair, however when checking realised what is quite a baggy pair is in fact the smaller pair!  This means that finally my hips and tummy are shrinking, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about women’s bodies and genetics, these areas are always going to be a challenge, they would probably be so even if I hadn’t got so big so I need to be a bit kinder to myself about it.

So along with my face, fingers, chest, and shins, the rest of me is now joining in and I am shrinking again. This is great news, what is even better for me is that I feel fitter and stronger, I am lifting my 6kg weights now in a far more controlled way, my squats are deeper and I positively run up the stairs at work.

It will also mean that there may be summer clothes shopping on the cards – again!

It’s now 5 weeks until my 16 week deadline, now I won’t be stopping as such at that stage, what I feel I’m now doing is working towards finding an even healthier lifestyle, I’m sure though that I will be able to find a new objective!  I am looking forward to seeing the readings though, whatever they are I feel so much better about me, exercise and being fit and healthy!

The main thing to take out of this post is that sometimes results do take time, in my case I think my metabolism needed to settle into a new way of eating and exercising – as long as you keep up the momentum you will see progress.  It’s not a race, it’s about a slow, sustainable approach, it has taken tweaking from where I started so it suited me and my lifestyle, no one size fits all. If it’s a constant struggle then it’s likely that you’ll lose motivation so be kinder to yourself, it doesn’t matter if it takes a bit more time if you still reach your goals.

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