Being Pampered

10 Apr

One of the things I discovered I really like is to have a massage. When I was bigger I didn’t like my body being seen, let alone being touched all over by a stranger.
As part of the process of getting to know my new body I plucked up the courage to have a massage, it was amazing & it’s now my biggest treat to myself.
It also helps with the appearance of my skin especially as summer (& summer clothes) approaches. Last year I even had self-tan applied with massage – pure bliss!
I have a gift voucher for a day spa so booked in for a whole body, intensive massage, it will help to get my lymphatic system working, will exfoliate my skin & will importantly make me feel great! And now I have no problem with my body being seen or touched.
It’s another of those things I do now that I would never have experienced the joy of, had I not made all these changes to my life.


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