Getting naked & happy

13 Apr

When I was bigger there would have been no way I would ever let anyone see me naked or god forbid touch me?
One of the things I now do is have massages, they’re great for stimulating my lymphatic system & maybe, just maybe they’ll help with the wobbly bits and loose skin. Had a long discussion with the therapist about stretch marks & have some brand new products to try.
Tonight my skin feels great, I like a hard massage so everything does feel as if it’s had a good workout!
It gives me confidence too, in fact the confidence is brimming over at the moment, the weights work is really helping in that department, maybe it’s because I have to do it alongside the blokes in the gym, and that I’ve really progressed which feels great!
I was discussing the naked thing with a friend yesterday, when I’m dressed the wobbly bits aren’t visible, my ‘story’ isn’t that evident however naked it’s there – getting better but still there…then I have to explain what happened. Part of me is very proud of that though, I’ve worked bloody hard to get to where I am today – in both mind and body.

I was also discussing ‘happiness’ today, am I happy? Oh yes, I was asked to score myself out of 10 on how happy I was – I gave myself a 9, it feels very good to be able to say that. And I can honestly say that losing the weight & how I look is only a part of that, there are a lot of things that are actually more important at the moment. When I was bigger I used to ponder if I lost the weight would I be happy? The answer is yes it started a process but there were a lot of other things that also needed to be addressed. What you look like won’t necessarily make you happier, I know people of all shapes and sizes & whether they are happy or not has in the main little to do with their size. I could have lost the weight, not dealt with all the other issues & maybe still not been happy?
Today as my thighs were being well & truly pummelled I was happy!

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