Down time

12 May

This week the common cold managed to strike me down, I’d done very well in staying healthy for a long time but I had to admit defeat.

It hit me for six and on Wednesday I barely left my bed as I struggled with the massive headache, streaming eyes, running nose, tight chest and exhaustion. At one point I was worried it might be man flu 😉

The exhaustion has been the worst thing, however at the end of a week when I’ve done very little activity I actually feel great, I’m rested, my skin’s clear and looking forward to getting back in the gym tomorrow (these arms need to lift weights!).

One of the reasons for not rushing back is to avoid aggravating the problem I have with my vocal cords, if I end up with a cough there is always the risk that they will react and start going into spasm and it’s just not worth the horror of all of that starting again.

I have missed being active, I do enjoy it a lot however I also understand the value of down time and listening to your body. Mine told me it had had enough and needed a break!

Looking forward to next week though, hitting it hard, hopefully re-measuring too!


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