20 May

Following the bug last week I am now full of energy!  The bug has now made its way around my friends and work colleagues and I got away quite lightly it seems, most seem to have ended up with nasty chest infections. Given how awful I felt I’m really feeling for them.

Also given some family news this week, you can never take your health for granted, I intend to look after mine as much as I can.

I’m back in the gym, eating well and this week thanks to being able to build up my leg muscles, now speed walking, my knees are now better protected and there is less risk of injury. It’s a bit competitive but fun!   I’m doing between 3 and 4 miles and it’s feeling pretty good. It felt like time to mix up the exercise a bit, my schedule is a bit manic at the moment so I needed  things I could do that didn’t rely on the gym or the pool and hopefully if summer ever arrives it’ll be a nice thing to do! At the moment I’m still in a fleece and gloves first thing!


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