Having to explain?

26 May

I had lunch with a friend in a nice Italian place. He’s fit too and careful about what he eats, we did though decide that as we’d both been good that we would treat ourselves to pasta and cheese.  Mine was delicious however after eating about two-thirds I knew I was full, (I did check by just waiting a bit and letting my brain and stomach talk to each other) so put my cutlery down. When the waitress arrived, she picked up my friend’s empty bowl but looked at mine and asked me if there was anything wrong with it?  I explained that I don’t eat large portions and I was full, she looked very surprised as if no-one ever said that?

I was disappointed, firstly my friend is a bloke, he’s six foot tall and can put away way more calories than me, his portion was the same size as mine so really I shouldn’t need or eat the same amount anyway?? Secondly by not stuffing myself, I enjoy my food more and I also didn’t ruin the rest of the day feeling full and bloated?

Don’t ever feel you have to eat everything on your plate because you were brought up not to waste food or you feel you should because you’ve paid for it,  eat until you think you’re full, stop and then push your plate away, if the service is slow and it’s hanging around, cover with your napkin to distract you. It can be done, even with the nicest food – what’s best, eat enough so you enjoy and savour it or overeat, feel crap and have that as your memory of the meal?

I was pleased to have also tested my willpower, I’d struggled this week, thanks to a team meeting and way too many cake bites – especially the caramel biscuit ones! I was beginning to wonder if I still had it in me to be able to do the 25% rule when out!  Good news is I can. And before you all say that you have no willpower, 3 years ago I had none whatsoever, if food was there I was hoover it up. What motivated me is that I know now about the brilliant life that being smaller has brought me, there is no better way of knowing the effort it takes to make a decision NOT to eat something.

That is coupled with knowing on a hot summer day, I am comfortable, my skin isn’t stuck to itself, I’m not embarrassed at how much I’m sweating, my feet aren’t swollen and blistered, I’m wearing lovely clothes – including a pair of skinny trousers and I sat on the ground and got up without the need for help. Life’s pretty good, I want to hold onto that as tightly as I can, I don’t want that old life, it’s better on this side, much better and it makes every moment of NOT eating something or being up early walking or in the pool and gym worth it.


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