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A rollercoaster

8 Jul

My apologies that I haven’t been able to post in a while but my dad’s terminal diagnosis has changed my world. Now I walk to relieve the stress and the anger I feel at what’s happened, it helps to take the edge off the sadness.I lift weights for the same reason.

Last weekend I walked 15k – the furthest I’ve ever walked in one go, without stopping.  I did it for the Prospect Hospice who are helping my family, because it was close to my heart it helped in so many ways and every step meant the world.

Despite a torrential downpour in the first 2k, being damp and soggy most of the way as a consequence, and finding the final 1k was uphill (our fastest k!!) getting to the finish line just before midnight was wonderful.

I like the feeling that doing something for charity gives you, now I’m looking for my next challenge!

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