Clear Air!

13 Jan

photo(7)Today was a glorious day, bitterly cold, however the air was clear and the skies blue. I walked yesterday but in the gym, today was too good a day to do that again so I wrapped up warm and set off. It cleared the cobwebs and gave me some head space.  I did buy some winter gear so it was good to give it an outing!

Last week was a real up and down one, I had a minor meltdown at work, just got totally overwhelmed at the sheer amount of stuff I was having to plough through, tears and frustration followed which in the end was a good thing, people realised I wasn’t infallible and I got a lot of support. It also made me realise I needed to revisit the hypnotherapy, the workload won’t be changing however I can look at how I deal with it.  It was pointed out that I had dealt with a hell of a lot of over the last few months, you don’t come out without a few dents, yes I’m stronger in a lot of ways and I have also learnt the value of being able to ask for help, you don’t have to do anything alone.

So as I walked, taking in the clear air, my head cleared a bit too. I still find it amazing that I get so much out of being active, I never lose sight of that, from almost nineteen stone and totally inactive to what I can do today. I never take it for granted, it’s hard work, but not a chore to eat well or to keep active.

My twitter feed is now full of active people, I’m inspired by those who do far more than me, I’m envious of their marathons, cross country runs and the like, but for me the journey has been just as important. Sometimes I’m a little too hard on myself, after all I never did any real sport/physical exercise ever, so even putting on trainers is still a fabulous thing!

I’ve enjoyed my weekend, over 5 and a half miles walked and a session in the gym with some weights which I still love. So let’s hit the coming week and see what happens, it’s going to be a busy one but I don’t have a feeling of dread (or sadness) and I’m looking forward to the therapy sessions. I’m ready for them now and to share them with you.




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