Flexible & Core

20 Apr

I’m aging, my body is aging, we can’t escape it, we just need to find ways of working with it!

I’ve been getting a bit frustrated that during and especially after walking or even swimming my hips and lower back are sore and stiff. Now I’ve discovered exercise I want to be able to do it for as long as possible so needed to find a solution.

I love Pilates however I’ve done very little over the last year or so, a couple of years I was doing a lot, including a couple of intense courses in Italy. I then read an article and it was recommended to watch David Beckham’s latest TV Ad (this isn’t a difficult task given he’s only wearing his pants for most of it!), however the main reason was to appreciate how he runs, he has extremely strong core muscles, these hold his pelvis when he runs so it’s smooth, only his lower body moves. So fascinating food for thought.

IMG_3086This is what Pilates does, it builds and strengthens your core muscles, it makes you more flexible and importantly helps you to avoid injury, this becomes increasingly important as you age as well. I really enjoy the flexibility it provides, I managed after the first course to be able to get my feet behind my head, it had been over 20 years since the last time I’d managed to do that, it was a great challenge to have and I was over the moon to be able to do it.

I also bought a book about Pilates anatomy which is amazing, I always like to be able to understand the science behind how our bodies work and the seed was firmly sown that I needed to hit the Pilates studio  again.

I found a new class and armed with a new thicker mat to protect my knees (surgery means they often don’t react well to having weight through them) I got going. Given it had been a while I was pleased to be able to keep up and apart from a few of the more difficult moves I was ok.

I walked back to the car already feeling my hips were less stiff and my lower back looser. I’m going to take more classes, I need to ensure that I’m doing it right, I’m interested in what it can do and hopefully it will help me to be able to mix up the exercise, enjoy it and still be doing it in years to come. I did my course with ladies who were much older than me, they were all keeping fit using Pilates – I’m there too!


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