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Motivation & starting over

25 May

I’ve been struggling recently – lots of reasons, some I can explain, some I can’t (yet) but the main thing is I’m not motivated about exercise. This is annoying as I love it, know the benefits but thanks to those little things I reached a wall.
So to get over the wall I have done a few things:
1. I’m getting a lot of aches and pains especially in my hips, so I’m mid way through a yoga foundation course, it’s also helping massively with the head stuff, which for me is always just as important as the physical things.
2. I like weights, my existing gym was making me feel very unwelcome, I was asked by blokes to leave the weights area, I don’t feel I should have to justify being somewhere where I am perfectly entitled to be – so I have a new gym, smaller and very weights focused.
3. I’m good on my own, I am happy with my own company however I’m feeling I need to share, so tomorrow I start work with a new personal trainer, I’m also hoping that the smaller gym will lead to sending time with like minded people.
4. These feelings are always part of something bigger going on with me so I’m opening my mind to exploring what this might be – and making sure I’m not too hard on myself, it’s been an incredibly that year, it’s been nothing like anything I’ve experienced before and that leaves bruises, what it does do though is give me strength that I can get past this time and move towards an even better and fulfilling time!


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