Finding your motivation

2 Jun

As you’ll know from the last few posts I’ve had to work a bit harder to get motivated lately. I use lots of things to boost this when it gets tough going.  Firstly I don’t beat myself up about feeling this way, often we’re just a bit too hard on ourselves. we focus on what we’re not doing rather than what we are doing. For me there’s just been a time of more learning about what was important and I just needed to go through it and come out the other side.

The other thing I use is looking at ‘before’ – while I was big I ignored it, of course I wasn’t really, I was though pausing my life while I wasn’t ready to do anything about it. Focusing on it now, reminds me of the way I felt about it, how unhappy I was and how hard it was to give this ‘I’m perfectly ok’ persona to the outside world.  A friend found a rare photo of me from then, I don’t recognise me then, that person is well and truly gone, she’s used that time to learn and grow and become who I am today.  Never be afraid to look back, for me it just rubber stamps why there is no going back – then I focus on what the work has achieved and what that has brought me, it’s so worth it.


Trudy Mandy's wedding










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