Too Big?

20 Jun

I was reading a new article this morning, a morbidly obese man had been involved in a serious car crash, he needed to be cut out of his car, it took 36 emergency workers, cost an estimated £20,000 and due to the length of time it took to organise put his life at risk.

When you’re big, it’s easy to just think about the day-to-day health issues, the problems with finding clothes, the mundane things. However what if the worst happened, would you want it to be worse because you’re big?

I can run now, if I need to move fast I can, when I had surgery a couple of years ago I didn’t need special equipment. I recall a time when the standard blood pressure cuff didn’t fit, it was incredibly embarrassing, I worried about sitting on chairs in case they collapsed, hearing the car suspension creak when I got in, getting on a plane and having to ask for the seat belt extension, every day was filled with feeling anxious about something that for most is never an issue.

It’s worth thinking about, being big will have health implications, but it could cost you your life or your health in more ways than you’ve probably thought about?  What if you need to be lifted, cut out, or you need to make a quick get away?  Is your size likely to make that more difficult?

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