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Trying something different! And having fun!

13 Jul

A while ago I wrote about how I was losing focus on my fitness – well it’s back!  Thanks in the main to a new personal trainer and a really good gym!

Over my relatively short time enjoying exercise being in my life, I’ve tried quite a lot of things – swimming, walking, climbing, hiking, pilates, yoga, weights, sailing…….I guess I was trying to show a couple of things:-  firstly there is always something you can find to get and keep fit that you enjoy doing, if you don’t, it’s likely you’ll give up – it must be fun! And secondly that its never too late, no-one is too old or too unfit to give something a go!  Even my mum, who is almost 66, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, gets on her exercise bike every day!!

So what I am doing now?  Well its not about losing weight, I’m where I want to be there, its about getting fit, strong and sorting out my body areas where there is loose skin to tone and fill with muscle if possible!

My trainer Kelly, is working on full body workouts together with concentrated sessions arms, legs, glutes etc. So far in 8 sessions not one has been the same, already my fitness levels are soaring, I’ve discovered I love the rowing machine, it feeds the highly competitive bit of me!

Last weekend was a turning point though, it was a gorgeous (very warm) day so we went outside with a nice circuit set-up involving a  tractor tyre, skipping ropes, big ropes, kettlebells, barbells and a speed ladder…..

My first reaction was ‘you have got to be joking!’ – the other voice said ‘bring it on’ and was a bit flattered that Kelly thought I could do it?

Anyway we started with 30 seconds with each, it also involved press ups and planks off the tyre, which of course I had to pick up and flip over……10 seconds rest inbetween each piece. I was buzzing, covered in tractor tyre, red, sweating like never before and so pleased with myself when it was done!  Ah but then after a 2 minute rest, we did it all again with 45 seconds on each exercise!

I was focused again, all the previous sessions and the hard work meant at 45 I was doing this!  4 years ago I was morbidly obese, unfit, desperately unhappy – it still amazes me that I can do it.  I will be forever grateful and never take my health for granted. It does take work to keep the weight off and as I get older it is starting to feel harder however by staying focused, mixing up the exercise and trying new things, it remains something I enjoy.

This week we took the circuits indoors for an early morning session, more core work, this is key to avoiding injury and making the most of working with weights – I do enjoy a good heavy weight!  Kelly mentioned something about the Olympic bar as an aim very soon!

So if you’re bored with what you’re doing, find something new, change your gym, your trainer and get moving, make it fun and sweat away!


So excited!

4 Jul

A quick update – I’ll write more very soon when I have more time!
I’ve been working with my new personal trainer for 3 weeks, I am loving her sessions, we’re mixing it up with weights, ropes, kettlebells, core and cardio. I’m feeling stronger, relaxed & focused. However most of all I am excited about trying these new things and how it’s helping beyond words to cope with the stresses of my job, I’m being more assertive & I’m back in control because I’m seeing results, challenging myself physically and surpassing what I thought I was capable of. Never underestimate how powerful exercise can be for you – not only for your body but your head too!

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