15 Aug

I haven’t made too big a thing about my latest challenge, it seemed a bit more personal this time around, given the stresses of the last year, it was both physical and mental.

After becoming very unfocused about exercise, one of the key objectives was to get that feeling of really wanting to do it back again, I know the benefits – both body and mind so knew it was crucial to total well-being.

The new gym and personal trainer has been fantastic, at the beginning of a 12 week programme, we did all the usual measurements including body fat calipers. We also did a series of fitness tests, a mile walk, minute of sit-ups, press-ups and a plank to fatigue. We set objectives, I made a conscious decision not to include weight in these – for me it would be about improving fitness levels, strength and feeling good about what I was doing.

So how did I do?

Well I did lose centimetres all over, I lost 3% body fat – for me the real achievements came from the fitness tests, I took a whole 2 minutes off my walking mile, almost doubled my press-ups and plank!   I am immensely proud of my fitness levels now.

And we know how much fitter I am now, over the weeks, I’ve done things I never thought possible, from flipping tractor tyres, kettlebells classes, more weights, circuits, ropes, the list goes on and on. I also found I love the rowing machine and I’m even now found working out on my nemesis – the cross trainer.

From doing that comes that feeling of feeling pretty good about myself, it’s still difficult for me at times to know if what I’m doing is good enough, I’ve become very competitive with myself and I can be tough on me!

Being given things to do that I know are given to the ‘fit’ people has given me that boost – my fitness levels are very good for my age, the body fat still needs to come down but coming from being morbidly obese this is going to be my biggest challenge.

I’m loving being in a world where exercise is taken seriously, where my beliefs ‘fit’ and I’m pushed, today my PT told me I should try Body Pump as my weights work has come on and she thinks I am more than capable. I’ve ignored that class up to now as being way outside what I could do. Apparently I’ve moved on there.

I’ve signed up for another 12 weeks, the objectives are now around strengthening my core further, losing at least another 3% body fat and importantly enjoying it even more!

(And for those who were wondering, I have weighed myself and I haven’t lost a pound over the last 12 weeks – what I’ve gained far outweighs that though!)

My advice if you’re feeling de-motivated is simple:

  • try new things, don’t think you ‘can’t’ unless you’ve given it a go, you might be VERY surprised at what you CAN do!
  • move gyms, find somewhere that has new kit or classes to keep you interested, make sure it’s open at the right times
  • get a personal trainer if you can afford it, it keeps you focused and pushed, a lot of gyms have offers for new members, look at it as an investment for the future, make sure they keep records so you can pick up routines yourself
  • set goals and objectives – get competitive with yourself!
  • buy new kit – new trainers for me made a world of difference!



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