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Blood Pressure

16 Aug

I forgot to mention an extremely important thing in my last post. When I joined the gym, we also took my blood pressure and pulse rate post mile walk.  Whilst my blood pressure was ok, it was towards the higher end of the scale.

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This time, it was way down, right into a totally normal measurement, this is a great thing, as we get older and I can’t get away from being 45, you may never have been checked, especially if you’re not overweight and think you’re healthy.  I have friends who have found that they have high blood pressure and/or high cholestroral at my age or even younger.  High blood pressure can lead to stroke or can be an indicator or other things going wrong.

If you’ve never been checked, have it done, it only takes a moment.  And think about your general health, exercise and keeping active is always going to be a good thing.   Just because you’re not big doesn’t mean there might not be anything wrong?

My pulse rate was also blinking good!

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