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Back to the surgeon

29 Oct

After months of exciting new exercise, challenges and feeling pretty good about myself – I’ve had a bit of a set-back.  Getting into bed one night, I twisted my ‘good’ knee, it now swells up, the joint is hot and my GP can feel fluid. It doesn’t like doing nothing or any exercise, so most of the time, it’s very annoying.

I’ve been referred back to my surgeon at the beginning of December to assess what the problem is.  It is disappointing – however once I’m back from holiday next week, I’ll be working with my trainer on new programmes that don’t put it under any strain until we know what the problem is.

I’m in Cornwall this week and the plan was to do some walking however a mini hike at the weekend proved this probably isn’t a good idea at the moment, so I’ve scaled back my plans. What I’ve learnt over the years is that there is always a way to keep active, when I was getting smaller but still big there was the swimming, there was a whole load of stuff I could do before my last knee surgery and after.  And most of the stuff I’ve been doing this year I would never have felt possible so I’m sure I can keep myself occupied with this new challenge.

And as I approach my 46th birthday I am actually still quite chuffed at what I manage to achieve!

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